We’re just a small team of dads who wants to provide useful information and resource on weight loss and fitness. You see, we had the dreaded ‘Dad Bellies’, you know the beer gut with bits hanging from the side. Some of us dads were a tad overweight, whilst others showed signs of a bulge here and there.

But the day changed for all of use, when we could not keep up with our kids. They has too much energy and wanted more time and fun from us … but we were just unable to.

Hence on a date (we will keep private), we decided to change the way we ate…. and walked more. 

Once we got that right we started exercising more, and did other sensible stuff to improve our daily lifestyle. 

Don’t get us wrong, it wasn’t easy …  it was freakin’ hard as we had to give up a few certain foods to lose the weight. 

But we gave them up slowly and if you do it with a few good friends who have the same goals, it makes life easier. And we weren’t in a hurry to get to our goals, we just had a target and gave ourselves time to reach it. 

Anyway, we put up this site to help dads, mums and everyone on how to shed off the unwanted pounds and simply be healthier. And please, always consult your local health professional on the best course of action for your health.

We’re sure you will find this site useful and the methods easy to implement!

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