Healthy Recipes – 5 Easy Steps to Creating a Healthy Meal

A healthy recipe requires a good mix of good carbs, proteins, and good fats, which helps losing weight easy and quick. For sure, if you enjoy the healthy foods you are sitting down to, it makes the lifestyle choice of healthy eating easier to follow, plus if you consistently stick to it, you will notice both the weight loss and fitness results.

So the question is – “How do you prepare and cook delicious healthy meals?

Simply mix and match the ingredients (carbs, fibre, fats and protein), garnishes for flavor, and use a cooking method to produce that yummy healthy meal… always. Below is a cheat sheet guide that will help you create plenty of healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every time. And the nice part about this healthy recipe guide, the meals are great for both kids and families too.

What a great way to kick off a good diet of healthy foods.

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The 5 step guide to a healthy diet of mix and match nutritional ingredients can be easily planned in advance and cooked in bulk to save cooking time and better yet, help you make those breakfast, lunch and dinner time decisions even simpler. Also check out our 2 yummy dinner recipes.

1. Vietnamese Chicken Salad

A simple healthy recipe that is refreshing and packed with incredible flavours.

Prep 200 grams of rice vermicelli noodles by following the instructions of the packet. Drain the water out completely. In the meantime, mix 4 cups of stripped Chinese wombok cabbage, grated carrot (1 cup), 4 green onions (thinly sliced), snow peas (200 grams trimmed and stripped), bean sprouts (2 cips) and shredded mint leaves (1/3 cup) into a big bowl.

Gently mix skinless, shredded cooked chicken (2 cups, 320 grams) with the drained noodles. And in another small bowl, mix lime juice (1/3 cup), sweet chilli sauce ( 2 tablespoons ) plus fish sauce (1 tablespoon).

Drizzle the sauce over the salad and then mix them. A lovely, refreshing healthy recipe.

2. Moroccan Chicken

Another simple healthy recipe that is pan-fried with chicken, Israeli couscous, and an added splash of lemon juice for great flavour.

You will need three sliced carrots and steamed. Spray your frying pan with healthy oil (like olive oil) and let it sit on high heat. And then add in 1 red onion (sliced) and cook it for five minutes, or until it has softened. Remove the ingredients from the pan.

Add 500 grams of chicken breast (sliced) to the pan and start cook for 5 minutes until it looks golden. Add crushed garlic (1 teaspoon ), ground cinnamon (1 teaspoon ), ground cumin (1 teaspoon) and dried chilli flakes (1/2 teaspoon ). Then cook, stir for one minute.

Add the cooked onion carrots as well as the steamed carrots to the pan, along with lemon juice (1/3 cup), toasted pine nuts (2 tablespoons) and sultanas (1/4 cup). Use chopped coriander (1/3 cup) as garnish. Then serve the chicken with English spinach (2 bunches, steamed and chopped) with cooked pearl couscous (2 cups).

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The above meals are simply far healthier than take outs and junk foods. And if are on a weight loss journey, these meals are the right tonic. Although it requires your time to prep, just think of the nutrition and good calories you are feeding your body with. What a great diet meal plan for healthy eating.

So get cracking, think about the meals you want to enjoy, choose your ingredients, buy fresh, cook your healthy meals (or in bulk) every time and enjoy. Stick to it and you will see great weight loss results!

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