How Much Exercise To Burn Off 8 Junk Foods?

Let’s face it, junk foods like french fries, a packet of chips are pretty tempting and quite yummy. And occasionally we all slip up from the diet plan and treat ourselves to some naughty junk foods. However, understanding the equivalent weight loss exercise or workout needed to burn those fast food calories will make you think twice before you indulge in any junk foods.

So before we get onto a 10 week fat burning home exercise program, have a look at the metabolic chart “How Much Energy You Need To Burn Off 8 Junk Foods” presented below, using both cardio and strength training exercise to realise how much effort, energy and time to lose those unwanted bad calories and bad fat. It will turn you off.

We all like that treat which is often filled with sugar, salt and fat, high in calories and low in good nutrition. Here’s an example of the type of workout you need to burn a McDonald’s Big Mac.

– For men, it is equivalent of 42 minutes worth of cardio and almost 1 hour of strength training to burn off those bad calories.
– For women, it is equivalent of 51 minutes worth of cardio and almost 68 minutes of strength training to burn off those unwanted calories.

Below are more examples of how much exercise need to burn those calories!

weight loss workout

Hmmm, anyone for pizza or McDonald’s? Not me! But if you want to get in shape today, opt for a butt kicking 10 week fitness and exercise program, read this post here

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