Men’s Fitness – Ab Workouts Plan

In this killer ABS workout plan, you will perform 10 exercises that will work on your core muscles – burpees, judo push-up, jump squat, crunches, mountain climbers knee, lying leg raise, windshield wipers, leg pull-in knee-up, inchworm walk out, superman extended, side plank and plank. Check out the infographic summary below “Ab Workouts Plan For Men” of each exercise.

With each of the 10 exercises you are required to perform 3 sets and 10 repetitions for each exercise set. To get the most effective result, focus on the “technique and form” of each exercise because a proper technique will boost your lean muscle development.

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Now that you have a killer workout plan, make sure you follow a healthy diet as you cannot out exercise a bad diet. Here are 6 simple rules to washboard abs are

1. Know your carbs and get some early in the morning and post-workout
2. Eat the right amount of good fat like lean meat, avocado, etc
3. Get a good dose of protein
4. Want a lean, healthy body – eat more veggies!
5. Are marathon runners ripped? Forget the long boring cardios, instead get onto High Intensity Interval Training
6. Lay off the booze, energy drinks and sugary drinks

Here you will get a set of core workout routines to strengthen the abs – from burpees, judo push ups, lying leg raise, mountain climbers knee, side plank and more – these are the most effective men’s fitness workout plan for the sic pack abs!
Abs Workouts For Men in Gym

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