Nutritional Do’s And Don’ts for Healthy Living

If you want to shape up and get into a more healthier, active lifestyle then you must plan on taking in more good nutrition and a workout plan to build a healthier body. In many ways you must plan for a nutritional plate of meal with controlled portions of superfoods (like leafy vegetables, salmon fish, lean meat) full of good vitamins, eating sensibly, exercising consistently and shutting out bad eating foods.

Here are more ideas on good calorie foods you can add to your meal plate.

These are necessary steps in meeting your weight loss goals and maintaining a healthy body weight, lowering and taking care of other health issues and improving your overall health, well-being and happiness. Below is a simple guideline to help you make healthier food choices, live a more active and healthier lifestyle and most of all, feel your healthiest best daily.

Below is a simple ABC guideline to help you take action towards a more healthier eating pattern and active lifestyle. Here’s just some of the steps you will learn-

  • How to build a healthy plate of controlled portions of foods
  • Filling a half a plate with fiber and the rest of the plate grains, protein and healthy fats
  • Filling your plate with superfoods (salmon, blueberries, spinach, walnuts)
  • Avoiding bad eating habits like eating out, consuming foods loaded with sugar, solid fats and salt
  • Exercise

In summary – plan on portion control with a healthy serve of nutritional foods. That means get in healthy dose of good carbs, healthy fat, fiber and protein. By planning you meals in advance you are well in control of the type of foods that you put into the body and most of all, improving your eating habits. As well, get in 3 to 4 sessions a week of “moderate to high” intensity exercise like this 10 week workout fitness program.

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